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The TikiBus Community Bus in Tofino is in the second year of a two year pilot project. The rationale behind the establishment of a Community bus is to reduce private vehicle use and to enhance transportation options for residents and visitors. A bus will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Tofino as proposed in the Official Community Plan and will allow seniors and others who can’t drive or are apprehensive about driving to stay in the community. A bus will allow youth to reach community venues for recreational activities and to visit friends in different parts of town. Most importantly, a bus will increase safety on Tofino roads for everyone. The aim is that TikiBus will follow a regular schedule to link Tofino’s major community resources and population centres.
To initiate the project, we did it the only way it was possible, we went into debt. Hence we must charge a Bus Fare to ride on TikiBus. TikiCab Transportation Company leased a 21 seat bus in May 2018 and was allowed to begin operating in August 2018 and a regular Wednesday – Saturday Late Bus scheduled run ensued. We now operate our scheduled late bus 5 nights a week for the Summer and our On-Demand Service operates 5-6 days a week from Lunchtime trips until after your late evening dinner trips, but since we do rely on hourly charter work to fund the scheduled bus runs, we are occasionally forced to cancel a scheduled run… but only for the greater good so follow us on Twitter and Instagram for up to the minute notifications.
We receive none of the Tofino Free Shuttle “Gas Tax Money” or District of Tofino/Provincial RMI funds for the service, that money is reserved for the South Island based Wilson Group operated Tofino Free Shuttle. (Sadly, most of that transit funding money leaves town as fast as it gets here), and, since transit funding from the ACRD is only for their million dollar a year Tofino-Ucluelet Regional BC Transit scheme, we need to raise operating funds from other sources (that source could be You) so please #ridethebus.

Thank you for choosing to TikiBus!

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