It would appear that Dbag Season has arrived

Due to another Bachelor Party group acting like the swore to me they wern’t going to behave on the bus last night there will be NO MORE BACHELOR PARTY GROUPS PERMITTED ON NIGHT TRANSIT. For making one of my regular passengers feel very uncomfortable but not quite unsafe on my bus last night probably her birthday when the Maq was closing, I shall now insist that large groups of immature males charter to keep them separated from the general population.


So sadly, because of the apparent death of Respect, Decency, and their friend, Common Courtesy, I must write these “Behavioral Recommendations” for not just Bachelor Parties but for some of the more “Caveman-ish” drunk boys riding on the TikiBus…

  1. If you are a bachelor party visiting Tofino please remember that large groups of aggressive males are not the reason that the ladies of Tofino are going out at night. Most of them find it a little creepy / predatory that you are trying to lure them back to your vacation rental beach house with you and your 15 buddies. (Please do not make me watch your self-esteem take a hit when the twentysomething decides on maintaining dignity)
  2. If you are riding on a run with the general public on board with you, doing Sing-Alongs that involve lyrics you are likely not willing to sing for your wife or child or your mother…. yeah…. you’re seriously not needing an explanation here are you?
  3. Unless you paid for a charter… And when the bar closes I’m putting money on it’s a Transit run and not a Charter, your group does not have the right to tell anybody to get off of “your bus”. it’s OUR BUS (there’s no Y at the beginning)
  4. Wanna impress the ladies? it doesn’t cost anything. Don’t be a dick, don’t be a douchebag.
  5. Asking your driver for cocaine and hookers? Vancouver or Whistler is where you should have probably gone for your kind of party, and hired a limo or a party bus. Not Tofino and riding on Transit.
  6. On transit runs of 15 minutes or less do you really need my Aux cord for music?

Now that’s enough of an update about my worst night of Night Transit in quite some time.