There’s nothing conventional about Tofino so why should it settle for a conventional transit system. Tikibus is an unconventional transit solution for Tofino.

Schedule and route map coming soon…

Once we finalize our Winter Operating hours here’s where we will put it.

we would like to put a nice Route Map here.

Pardon our mess… Site us still under construction.

Finally not just a placeholder site. Rider Guide is where we will be posting the important stuff soon!

Charter our Bus.

Be it for a Wedding or an end of season or holiday staff function, TikiBus is available to Charter by the Hour or Day to move your group around Tofino and unlike our other services bus charters are available 7 days a week. Competitive Rates

Afternoon and Resort Transit

Currently testing an afternoon transit schedule to help get day shift home and afternoon shift to work. get into town for Doctor or Pharmacy, pick up some groceries, go to the Post Office… from ???-5:30pm punch cards and monthly passes available… then between 5:30-11:30 our services are by Reservation only for our Resort Transit Service get your Family or Larger group to your dinner reservations as a group and home again as a group! Service from select Tofino resorts and their on site staff accommodations to every Restaurant in Tofino. Not limited to hotels and resorts so long as i can get to you or if you are at one of our bus stops

TikiBus Night Bus

TikiBus to get you home at the end of the night.Winter Hours Wednesday after Karaoke, then again Friday and Saturday nights from 11:30pm until nearly 2am to get you home after your night out in Tofino. Pick-ups outside the Downtown core should call ahead to make sure we are looking for you at a bus stop. Be seen and carry something reflective or a light so you aren’t invisible in the dark Tofino nights

Who’s looking out for you here

just the briefest introduction to the couple who brings you TikiBus.

Chris McLellan


Leeanne McLellan


Who will be our first hire?

probably a cleaner

Put Your name on a route!

Want Tikibus to bring your customers closer to your front door than our closest bus stop and pay a reduced fare to get there? Sponsor a bus stop or a whole run. That’s one way to support community transit and have me deliver you happier customers! Plus we’ll put your logo on that bus stop and in our Rider Guide.

We want to make getting around Tofino easier and feel we can help.

we want to hear from you

we love to hear from our passengers because you make us better!