Our Services Change With The Seasons

What we do changes as the months go by….


We are most definitely not available 24/7 but we are open as much as we can be in January!

Reserve for your ride between “Downtown” Tofino and Cox Bay.

Call-A-Bus available from Noon-11PM between Wednesday and Sunday.

TikiBus Late-Night Bus run departing downtown at 1:10AM after Karaoke on Wednesday Night from behind The Tofino Legion.

TikiBus Late-Night Bus run departing downtown 12:10AM and 1:10AM on Friday and Saturday Nights.

Texting us is preferred to phoning and leaving us a voicemail message.


February is time for routine maintenance… for both the bus and us!

We will be closed from February 3rd – 11th to get ready for a busy Spring.



March is when the whales return and if things work out… 5 day a week Transit-Style service!

Airport Transfer

We do offer transportation between Tofino and CYAZ Airport out by Long Beach. Rates start at $55 for 2 people.

Chauffeur Drive

Leave the driving to me. The more often you use the Call-A-Bus service during your stay, the lower your fare becomes.

Car Rental?

Made you look. No rental cars yet. Though it does seem like a good thing to get TikiCAB into….

Many reasons to choose TikiBus!

But… mainly its our service that brings people back. Our fleet comprises quite the range of rides, you have your choice of the 20 seat bus… or the 20 seat bus, so, may we recommend the 20 seat bus?  Would be nice if we were allowed to run a small hybrid for efficient bursts across town, but legally we can’t do it.

First Class Food & Services

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