TikiCab Transportation Company isn’t a Taxi company… It’s a Bus Service

Tofino is still too small of a town for “Big City” style Public Transit but it’s also too big to only have Transit for the Summer or be a one taxi cab town… we’re wanting to make things a little better for Mobility around Tofino with our bus service!


Do you want to book a reoccurring ride into town from your Staff Accommodation on your day off or payday because you think groceries would be a good idea?


Does your group or need to be at a function like lunch, dinner, golfing, or perhaps a small unplanned wedding and you don’t want to take 3+ vehicles you need to find parking for?


Does the resort you are staying at not have a shuttle of their own and have sent you to talk to me about a ride into town?


Are you wanting to reserve an Early Morning Shuttle to get you to your early morning Whale or Bear Watch?

(Times change for this run because the Bear Watch Tours offered in the area are scheduled for Low Tide so we can’t decide on a departure time for this run until closer to the day of your trip and know when you need to be there by.)


And you’re wondering…


Why are there no times posted for this magical do everything bus?


(Well… we can’t do it alone, this needs to be a group effort to get this done.)





Funkee Wadd Industry Tuesdays


I am frequently asked “Why don’t you run a “Real Bus” schedule’. Well… That is our dream. Trying to justify the money spent and effort required to build up a Community Transit route is difficult to just to have it swept out from under me come Summer time. You may or may not be aware that during the Summer and for Special Events there is a District of Tofino funded Free Shuttle operated by a company out of Victoria. (How can one local possibly compete against a Victoria based company receiving around $1000 a day by government funding to run a bus with no fare?)


So, we will have a real Scheduled Bus during the daytime but it will be a subscriber based scheduled service (the more subscribing businesses the more frequent i can afford to do runs) with stops near higher density neighborhoods.